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Linear Equation: Ax + B = C has a general symbolic solution:  x= (C-B)/A.

Special cases: if C=0, x= -B/A;  if A=0 there is no solution (x=infinity).

Usage.To solve the Linear equation enter the numbers for A, B, C in corresponding Text Boxes and click on the [=] Button. The following rules apply:
  1. If Text Box A is left empty, system will automatically assign 1 to A, so the Equation will become x + B = C.
  2. If Text Box B is left empty, system will assign 0 to it, thus the Equation will become: Ax = C.
  3. Text Box C must always contain a valid number; otherwise the System will generate an error message.
Useful Tips.Equation Ax - B = C is an equivalent to Ax +(-B) = C, so in order to solve this equation enter the negative value -B in a corresponding Text Box.

Example: Let's consider the equiation 3x - 5 = 4, which is an equalent to 3x + (-5) =4, so negative number -5 must be entered in corresponding Text Box B.


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