1 Facebook f 208,858,049SoNet/InternetUS w
2 Samsung Mobile USA f 156,802,263Telecom/ServiceUS w
3 Cristiano Ronaldo f 122,436,468FootballPT w
4 Real Madrid C.F. f 107,959,508Football/ClubES w
5 Coca-Cola f 107,539,722Beverages/BrandUS w
6 Shakira f 103,280,973MusicCO w
7 FC Barcelona f 103,203,816Football/ClubES w
8 Vin Diesel f 100,182,234ActingUS w
9 Tasty f 93,782,579Food/CookingUS w
10 Lionel Messi f 89,596,193FootballAR w
11 Eminem f 89,130,493MusicUS w
12 YouTube f 83,690,809VideoUS w
13 Rihanna f 80,873,687MusicUS w
14 Mr. Bean f 78,846,964ActingGB w
15 Justin Bieber f 78,273,450MusicCA w
16 Will Smith f 77,368,826ActingUS w
17 McDonald's f 77,209,645RestaurantUS w
18 Harry Potter f 73,913,125MovieGB w
19 Michael Jackson f 73,816,883MusicUS w
20 Manchester United f 73,691,408Football/ClubGB w
21 Taylor Swift f 73,383,278MusicUS w
22 Candy Crush Saga f 73,043,997Game/AppUS w
23 Bob Marley f 72,478,050MusicJM w
24 Katy Perry f 68,866,183MusicUS w
25 Texas Hold’em Poker f 65,194,756Game/AppUS w
26 Adele f 64,801,644MusicGB w
27 The Simpsons f 64,785,144TV Show/CartoonUS w
28 Jackie Chan f 63,527,497ActingHK w
29 Beyoncé f 63,432,184MusicUS w
30 Linkin Park f 61,710,912MusicUS w
31 Selena Gomez f 61,675,283MusicUS w
32 Neymar f 60,651,941FootballBR w
33 Fast & Furious f 60,564,443MovieUS w
34 Lady Gaga f 60,028,535MusicUS w
35 Dwayne Johnson f 58,288,581WWEUS w
36 Bruno Mars f 57,638,469MusicUS w
37 Pitbull f 56,576,259MusicUS w
38 Instagram f 55,843,989InternetUS w
39 Barack Obama f 55,183,378Gov/PresidentUS w
40 Titanic f 55,004,737MovieUS w
41 Jason Statham f 54,497,223ActingGB w
42 David Beckham f 53,845,280FootballGB w
43 David Guetta f 53,143,221MusicFR w
44 Spongebob Squarepants f 52,242,175TV Show/CartoonUS w
45 Disney f 51,164,250Movie/EntertainmentUS w
46 KFC f 50,612,440RestaurantUS w
47 Huawei Mobile f 50,524,635Telecom/ServiceCN w
48 Enrique Iglesias f 50,416,071MusicES w
49 Avril Lavigne f 50,383,642MusicCA w
50 Adam Sandler f 50,274,674ActingUS w
51 Lil Wayne f 50,200,236MusicUS w
52 AKON f 49,650,232MusicUS w
53 Megan Fox f 49,148,373ActingUS w
54 Red Bull f 48,998,733Beverages/BrandAT w
55 MTV f 48,451,774EntertainmentUS w
56 Family Guy f 48,440,554TV Show/CartoonUS w
57 Chelsea F.C. f 47,825,517Football/ClubGB w
58 Windows f 47,033,330SoftwareUS w
59 Avatar f 46,842,683MovieUS w
60 BBC World News f 46,489,148News/TV NetworkGB w
61 FC Bayern Munich f 46,401,250Football/ClubDE w
62 Netflix f 46,149,317Internet/MovieUS w
63 National Geographic f 45,746,054Entertainment/EducationUS w
64 MIley Cyrus f 45,301,940MusicUS w
65 Usher f 45,169,836MusicUS w
66 John Cena f 44,962,803WWE/ActingUS w
67 The Twilight Saga f 44,790,378TV ShowUS w
68 Jennifer Lopez f 44,780,321MusicUS w
69 Converse f 44,348,927Footwear/SportUS w
70 South Park f 44,214,754TV Show/CartoonUS w
71 Shrek f 43,521,835MovieUS w
72 Samsung Mobile f 43,418,169Telecom/TechnologyKR w
73 Narendra Modi f 43,255,374Gov/Prime MinisterIN w
74 History f 43,184,208TV Show/EducationUS w
75 Oreo f 43,176,983Food/BrandUS w
76 The Black Eyed Peas f 42,939,814MusicUS w
77 Chris Brown f 42,805,143MusicUS w
78 Tom and Jerry f 42,474,824TV ShowUS w
79 Nicki Minaj f 42,020,683MusicUS w
80 Music f 41,719,302Music  w
81 Premier League f 41,650,514Football/BusinessGB w
82 The Beatles f 41,292,000MusicGB w
83 Wiz Khalifa f 40,836,172MusicUS w
84 Bright Side f 40,707,471Entertainment  w
85 FIFA World Cup f 40,535,905Football/Organization  w
86 9GAG f 39,136,827Entertainment/ForumHK w
87 Coldplay f 39,115,415MusicGB w
88 Discovery Channel f 39,100,921TV ShowUS w
89 WWE f 38,931,046TV ShowUS w
90 House f 38,832,082TV ShowUS w
91 Intel f 38,814,591Technology/ComputersUS w
92 Britney Spears f 38,736,929MusicUS w
93 PlayStation f 38,538,507Game/ComputersJP w
94 Justin Timberlake f 38,515,352MusicUS w
95 Maroon 5 f 38,415,614MusicUS w
96 One Direction f 38,023,822MusicGB w
97 Arsenal FC f 37,932,020Football/ClubGB w
98 UniLad f 37,922,229MediaGB w
99 Pepsi f 37,759,653Beverages/BrandUS w
100 NESCAFÉ f 37,682,084Beverages/BrandCH w


Rating engine calculates Facebook page rank based on the 'Likes' count.


Table content can be filtered to include US only or Worlwide data items. Additional filtering option allows narrowing down the table data to match one of the selected categories, namely: Celebs, Food, Sport, Politics, Media, etc.


Data table displays descriptive and analytical content: Facebook page preceded by its rank and followed by the page link and 'Likes' count, optional sub-category, country info, link to the wiki page and link to the list of friends 'liking' particular page.

If 'Politics' filter is selected, then data table will also display extended info set: US State and political party. This option allows multi-factor filtering on both 'Politics' and 'Media'.


 Opens Facebook page
 Opens corresponding wiki page
 Opens individual website
 Get list of FB-friends 'liking' FB page*

* you must be logged on FB.

US Presidential FB Popularity Dynamics

Facebook Top-20 US Politicians

Facebook Top-20 Politicians



In order to see the list of your FB friends identified as being the fans of certain celebs or entity (and potentially, defriend them), you may run the web query structured as:[actual_id]. For example, id=28940545600 corresponds to Beyonce. This technique does not guarantee to work 100%, but is still quite useful.


Just click on the blue button with diagonal south-east arrow to get the list (note: you have to be logged into FB).

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